Regional Group "JAKUBKOWIANIE" attached to Commune Office in Łososina Dolna, originated at suggestion, enthusiasts, native folklore lovers, going carolling, customs and ways as authentic songs and dances of Lach region. Łososina Dolna Commune lies at the north of Sącz Lach's centre, with east borders to Limanowa Lachs' and Eastern Cracovian to the north. Rozmiar: 93635 bajtów The commune primary essence of culture, in spite of above mentioned neighbourhood and site at the rims of its own ethnic group, make folklore of Sącz Lachs'. The beginning of group activity in the present from dates in 1996r. The name of group " Jakubkowianie" derives from the Parish Jakubkowice, existing in 14 centure, which is now the very centre of Łososina Dolna village.